JetTheme Premium Blogger Template Free Download 2023 (Original Theme)

JetTheme blogger template
JetTheme blogger template

JetTheme blogger template introduction

Hello dear readers, looking for the best theme for blogger website? Then this post is for you. Do you want to download JetTheme blogger template? From our today's post, you can download the original premium version of JetTheme blogger template. Today we will share the original file of JetTheme blogger template with you. So without further delay, let's know the details.

Best blogger theme JetTheme blogger template

Dear blogger, if you want to find the best theme for blogger then I suggest you to try JetTheme blogger template. JetTheme blogger template is an ideal blogger theme. It will increase your website speed as well as make your website attractive. All in all, JetTheme blogger template is a great theme. All those who have used this theme have given good reviews about this theme. So in my opinion, one of the best themes for blogger is JetTheme blogger template.

JetTheme blogger template All Feature

JetTheme is a Blogger Template that has all the features that are Responsive and Blogger Friendly. Installing it on your blogger website will make your blogger website look more attractive and professional. Check out all the interesting features Jettheme has below:

  • Responsive design
  • 100-page speed insight
  • Unique design
  • Feature post option
  • Only title show feature
  • Description show feature
  • Dark mood light mood option
  • Newsletter for email notification
  • Back to top option
  • Footer social media section
  • Social media share option
  • Related post in article section
  • 100% SEO configuration theme
  • Fully AdSense friendly theme
  • All devices are responsive
  • 100% SEO friendly all pages
  • Custom sticky header
  • Breadcrumbs schema
  • Rating scheme
  • Safe Link for bloggers
  • Image light box
  • WordPress type popular post
  • Telegram, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram follow button
  • External app sharing button
  • Hero section available
  • Full theme customize color and font
  • Custom text size feature and more.

JetTheme is the fastest blogger template in the world. This template takes loading easily as it is very light. Visitors give positive feedback.

How to free download JetTheme premium blogger template

Jettheme is a great free-to-use template for all bloggers by developers. You can use this template for free. Remember that using cracked themes is risky for your website. So feel free to download premium theme and use it. You can easily download Jettheme Premium Blogger Template by clicking the button below.

Hope you have successfully downloaded Jettheme Premium Blogger Template. Now we will know about customization and optimization of Jettheme Premium Blogger Template.

How to Install JetTheme premium Blogger Template

If you want to install JetTheme Premium Blogger Template on your blogger site then first you need to download JetTheme Premium Blogger Template XML file from above button. Then install JetTheme Premium Blogger Template on your blogger site according to the rules given below:

  • First login to your blogger account
  • Now go to your website's dashboard
  • Check out the theme options
  • Now click on upload option
  • Select your JetTheme Premium Blogger Template
  • Now save it

In this way, you can upload JetTheme Premium Blogger Template on your blogger website. Now when you go to layout from blogger dashboard there will be options to edit and arrange all sections.

Image Lazy load code for JetTheme Premium Blogger Template

If you use your JetTheme Premium Blogger Template, you will get image lazy load facility, Jet will increase your website speed even more. Copy and use the code below. Use <noscript>----IMG-----</noscript> code before and after your blog image.

<div class="separator" 
style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
<a href="YOUR_IMAGE_URL" width="100%" />

In this way, you can quickly load your images using the code through JetTheme Premium Blogger Template. Hope this feature will be of great benefit to you.

Lazy load AdSense Script for JetTheme Premium Blogger Template

Lazy load AdSense on Blogger If you use this script, your AdSense ad will load quickly. Due to which your ad impressions will not decrease. Place the following code above the </body> tag of your blogger theme. Place this code in the part of your theme where you want to display the add. Just change your AdSense Publisher ID here. 

<!-- adsense -->
<ins class="adsbygoogle"
     (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

So if you want to use the best theme for blogger then use this theme. The name of this theme is JetTheme Premium Blogger Template. And you can use this theme for free.
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  • Shaukat
    Shaukat 21/9/23

    Hi, in this template adsense is not working well on chrome browser

    • 22/9/23

      It is the best theme no 1 theme bro.maybe you use crack theme. Download from here. Or you can use Plus-Ui or Fletro pro for best performance. My site theme is jettheme also. 🥰

  • bvcvvvvv
    bvcvvvvv 16/10/23

    এই থিমটা দিতে পারবেন

    • 20/10/23

      পোস্টে দিয়ে দিয়েছি। ডাউনলোড করে নিতে পারবেন।

  • শিক্ষাখবর
    শিক্ষাখবর 1/11/23

    আপনি যে থিম কাস্টমাইজ করেছেন, এই কাস্টমাইজ থিম দেওয়া যাবে?

    • 14/11/23

      ফেইসবুক পেইজে মেসেজ করুন।

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